Vault City - Sweet Cherry Bakewell

Vault City - Sweet Cherry Bakewell

Vault City
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Fresh from the oven, our new release marks the anticipated return of the Bakewell series. We’ve reverted to the classic cherry treat for our newest Modern Sour Beer release. 

Using locally sourced sweet cherries for a fuller, richer and juicier fruit character - this tried and tested baked good combination is one we’re really excited to share with you through our beer! 

Basing recipes on amazing flavours found in food is a great source of inspiration for our beers. The nutty almond and sweet vanilla combination compliments our sour base beer so well that we have made it the fulcrum of a whole series. But what fruits to incorporate next?  

Yes, that pie does have beer in it...


ORIGIN: Edinburgh
SIZE: 375ml Bottle
ABV: 7.0%