Dexter and Jones is a Craft Beer, Artisan Gin and Fine Wine shop/bar set in the heart of Knutsford in Cheshire. We offer more than 800 different Craft Beers, 10 Draft Beers (which are ever changing), more than 300 small batch Gins and more than 200 different Wines. Our mission is always to offer the best beverages you won’t find elsewhere.

When it comes to Craft Beer, we are constantly on the hunt. From securing one-off lines by the biggest names in brewing, to seeking out the start-ups breaking new ground.

When it comes to Gins we focus on small batch distillers who make their drinks naturally without artificial flavourings, striving for the perfect botanical mix to tickle your tastebuds.

As for our Wines, they come from small, often undiscovered vineyards who pride product over pomp! The result? Big taste without the big price tag.

In house we also serve amazing coffee by Grindsmith and delicious cakes made fresh each week by Stuart Thornley Cake Design.


Who are we as owners? We are Katy and Adam Rickitt. Most importantly we are a couple who have a genuine love and passion for what we sell and serve.

Adam is also an Actor of stage and screen, Katy a Journalist and TV News Reporter. We live in Knutsford with our 3 dogs, thankfully walking distance from our beloved premises!

For us Dexter and Jones is the ultimate passion project, blending our love for our community, for each other and for great drinks…. who do you think tries out all those new products?! It is far from a sideline for us though, most days you’ll find us either behind or in front of the bar, sometimes even dancing around it! We hope to see you soon.


Dexter & Jones have an innovative Pegas Craft Tap System, so you can take away any of our draft beers to enjoy at home.

We can fill our glass 3⅓ pint (1.89 litre) growlers with any of our 10 keg beers using our counter-pressure filling system which makes sure the beer stays fresh for up to two weeks. This system uses the same technology as some microbreweries use to bottle their beer at the brewery. The filler floods the growler with carbon dioxide, creating a pressurised environment free of oxygen.

The beer is then transferred from the keg into the growler, which slowly displaces the carbon dioxide. The pressure in the growler is kept in balance, so the flagon fills without foaming. Once the cap is on the beer remains pressurised and inert in the growler, allowing you to drink it when you like.

We charge £10 for a deposit on the growlers (refundable on return), plus the cost of your chosen beer. It's a great way to enjoy your beers, and it's also better for the environment. When you come back for a refill, you avoid the cost of paying for bottles, meaning it can be cheaper (by volume) than pre-packaged beer.

You also get to take home beers which may not even be available in bottles. When filled, they are best stored in a cool room in your home and chill before serving. Once empty, rinse the growler thoroughly with warm water and then return to us for a refill or your refundable deposit.