Tom Of Finland Organic Vodka

Tom Of Finland Organic Vodka

Tom Of Finland
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 Over 25 years after his death, Tom of Finland remains an absolute icon. The artist, who was born under the name of Touko Laaksonen, reached worldwide fame through his provocative work. In his paintings, he created characters that are influencing the international LGBT scene even today. The protagonists of his creations were caricatural homosexual men possessing an exaggerated amount of masculinity, ranging from cowboys over policemen to sailors. The bottle of Tom of Finland Vodka sports a prime example of that style: a man clad in black leather with a thick moustache, showing some similarities to the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury. It contains a vodka that Tom of Finland surely would have appreciated himself.

Tom of Finland is smooth, clean and 100% organic

The vodka is produced in Finland - no surprise here, since this is the place that Touko Laaksonen was born in in 1920. Finest wheat, rye and crystal-clean arctic water constitute the basis for this organic drink that contains no sugar at all. It is unbelievably smooth and surprises with a tingly, pleasurable feeling at the finish. Relish Tom of Finland Vodka neat or in your favourite cocktail and raise a toast to the incredible artist, who died in 1991.

STYLE: Vodka
ABV: 40%
ORIGIN: Finland
PERFECT SERVE: Straight, with tonic or for the perfect cocktails