Schott Zwiesel Spanish Gin Glass

Schott Zwiesel Spanish Gin Glass (696ml)

Schott Zwiesel
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Released at the start of 2015, Schott Zwiesel's take on a Gin and Tonic glass is somewhat different to the standard, old fashioned long drink version.

This glass is based around a wide bowled balloon shape style often served in Spain, it's the best way to drink a Gin and Tonic. This 'Copa de balon' style gin glass has a large capacity bowl that allows plenty of room for ice and zesty pieces of lime.

Height: 178mm / 7"
Diameter: 116mm / 4 1/2"
Capacity: 696ml / 23.5 oz

Tritan Crystal – Internationally patented – brilliant, dishwasher and break resistant.