Polly’s Brew Co - Heavy Moon

Polly’s Brew Co - Heavy Moon

Loka Polly
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Pollys Brew Co are huge fans of Mosaic.

They’ve taken single hopped beers all the way from kickass sessionable Small IPAs to Pales, to DDH Pales, to IPAs, but there’s one territory we’ve never explored with this varietal – the DIPA.

In homage to probably our favourite hop in terms of overall re-usability, they’ve gone big on this one. Like, really big.
Heavy Moon is an all out Mosaic hop bomb, loaded with a 19g/L dry hop charge.

All the big hitting notes are present – mango, blueberry, stone fruits and earthy pine in both aroma and flavour, all wrapped up and fermented out with Kveik for maximum flavour intensity.
ORIGIN: Flintshire, Wales
SIZE: 440ml Can
ABV: 8.2%
HOPS: Mosaic