Northern Monk - The Pilgramage

Northern Monk - The Pilgramage

Northern Monk
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Fresh Craft Beer from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

This first beer in our Patrons Project with SmugOne starts as we intend to go on. This series will be all about big beers and big hops, and we intend to set the bar as high as possible with this 10% Triple IPA.

We started with a classic NE base loaded with plenty of oats and wheat, double-mashed to achieve as much fermentable sugar content as we could in the super rich, silky wort, and then hopped heavily in the whirlpool with Idaho 7 and T90 pellets, alongside Citra Cryo and Incognito for maximum saturation. The dry hop is a truly tropical affair, with aromas of mango, pineapple and papaya alongside freshly squeezed, zesty orange juice notes from a combination of Citra, Idaho 7 and El Dorado. A touch of Cashmere brings a herbal lemon twist underneath.



SIZE: 440ml Can
ABV: 10%
HOPS: Idaho-7, Citra, El Dorado,