Northern Monk - Patrons Project 24.01 Astro Black

Northern Monk - Patrons Project 24.01 Astro Black

Northern Monk
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Few brewers come close when it comes to brewing straight-up dark delights, so we didn’t want to mess around - we went as big as we could!

After deciding we wanted to stay clear of adjuncts, our focus was very much on selecting the perfect mix of grains to build up the bulk of the brew, ensuring the deepest, darkest colour, plenty of depth of flavour but keeping the harsher roast tones to a minimum. We hand picked different malts from different suppliers, ranging from brown malt by our local maltster, Thomas Fawcett’s, through to Belgian special B and chateau chocolate malts. Alongside those we used some German chocolate rye, caramunich malts and rounded everything out with plenty of flaked oats.

Expect silky dark chocolate, light toastiness, some earthy spice from the rye and layers of dark berry all built over the thickest, most luxurious stout we’ve ever brewed.

STYLE: Imperial Stout
ORIGIN: Manchester
SIZE: 440ml Can
ABV: 12%