Lindemans Apple Fruit Beer

Lindemans Apple Fruit Beer

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Making apple beer goes back to ancestral tradition. The Celts drank it in abundance during their harvest festivals.  Lindemans have extended the pleasure to the present day by adding the juice of several varieties of apples to their delicious lambic.

The tasting experience, which is quite exceptional, combines the sweetness of cider with the bitterness characteristic of lambic.  A fruit beer with a nice balance between the sweetness of red apples, the freshness of green apples and the bitter-sweet character of lambic.

The first taste is sharp and full-bodied, but then the sweet cider notes give way to a balance between a slightly sweet-sour taste.

STYLE: Lambic Fruit Beer
ORIGIN: Belgium
SIZE: 375ml Bottle
ABV: 3.5%
FOOD PAIRING: Salads, Foie gras on toast