Lind & Lime Gin

Lind & Lime Gin

Port of Leith Distillery
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The first tipple to come from Edinburgh's Port of Leith Distillery has arrived in the shape of Lind & Lime Gin!

The name is inspired by Dr. James Lind of Edinburgh, who conducted one of the first clinical trials aboard the HMS Salisbury. In these trials, he noted that the scurvy patients eating citrus fruits were showing good signs. Hence the addition of lime within this gin.

To balance the powerful citrus freshness, the distillers also used pink peppercorn alongside five other botanicals (including juniper) to create the recipe.

Designed in a distinctive wine bottle shape, Lind & Lime Gin harks back to Leith’s past as a trading harbour for wines, sherries and ports, which were the most valuable commodities to pass through the docks from the 14th century onwards. Traditionally wines and spirits were transported in barrels, before being bottled in Leith.

STYLE: London Dry
ABV: 44.0%
ORIGIN: Scotland
PERFECT SERVE: Wedge of Lime
BOTANICALS: 7 Botanicals including Juniper, Lime Zest and Pink Peppercorns.