Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin

Hoxton Gin
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The brainchild of Gerry Calabrese and James Rackham of Emporia Brands who appointed world renowned distillers, Gabriel Boudier of Dijon, France, the task to make this unusual, tasty grapefruit and coconut gin.

There is a subtle rather than overwhelming presence of juniper on the nose; on the palate a variety of botanicals vie for prominence, including coconut and grapefruit, with grapefruit winning out in the end.

This is superbly well balanced gin with a silky, mouth-filling range of flavours.

STYLE: New Western
ABV: 40%
ORIGIN: Hoxton, London England
PERFECT SERVE: Can be drunk neat with lots of ice or add a slice of lemon, with ginger ale or with a premium tonic. Can garnish with coconut slice or grapefruit too!
BOTANICALS: Juniper berries, coconut, grapefruit, iris, tarragon and ginger.