Grindsmith Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Shoondisha

Grindsmith Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Shoondisha

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While the components of Sixth Day will change seasonally, the intention is always to combine flavours and roast profiles which emphasise sweetness and balance.

50% of this version was produced by Jesus Elver Herrera Orozco at his farm La Semilla in the municipality of El Pital in Huila, Colombia. The remaining 50% comes from the Kedamai cooperative in Goma, a district in the Jimma zone of Ethiopia. 

The sweet almond notes of Jesus Herrera’s coffee are beautifully complemented by the apricot flavours found in Kedamai, together producing a rich, balanced espresso with a pleasant cocoa finish. As always, Sixth Day tastes delicious with or without milk.

Producer Jesus Herrera / Kedamai Cooperative

Origin El Pital, Colombia / Jimma, Ethiopia
Varietal Caturra / Heirloom
Processing Fully Washed
Altitude 1950-2030 masl
Profile Almond, Cocoa, Balanced

Colour numbers:
28 - COCOA
Available in 200g and 1kg bags.

1kg bags come with free reusable drawstring bag (while stocks last).

Available in 200g Cafetiere & Whole Bean and 1kg Whole Bean packs.