Eden Mill - Golf Gin

Eden Mill - Golf Gin

Eden Mill
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Eden Mill make their gin on site, authentically and from scratch. Most gin today is rebottled but theirs is made on site, from start to finish and everything is done by hand.

Dressed in a green jacket reminiscent of the Masters Champions, inspired by Scottish Golf courses and in homage to the spirit of golf in St. Andrews, Eden Mill’s Golf Gin was created in 2018 for golfers to enjoy all over the country.

This botanically rich spirit incorporates botanicals from local grassland and coastal courses around Scotland which gives the gin a unique juniper and floral flavour. To ensure Golf Gin was truly representative of local golf courses, the team of distillers at Eden Mill sourced botanicals such as Seaweed from St. Andrews Links and Gorse Flower from Braids in Edinburgh to name a few, making this Gin every golfer’s G & Tee of choice.


STYLE: Flavoured Gin
ABV: 42%
ORIGIN: St. Andrews, Scotland
PERFECT SERVE: Lots of ice, Fever Tree premium with Blackberry
BOTANICALS: Juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, spruce