Dig Brew Co - Teaching Crimes How To Dimes

Dig Brew Co - Teaching Crimes How To Dimes

Dig Brew Co
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Fresh Craft Beer from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

IPA hopped with Azacca & Amarillo Cryo and made with Nottingham yeast strain.

So we love a 'series' of beers at Dig Brew. One thing 2020.25-2021.75 has been 'good' for is that the nature of home deliveries and no pubs* to go to is that a lot of you fantastic human beings have been ordering our wares and pretty much staying up to date with everything we release. It is a mega mega exciting way of thinking about brewing when you know that you can say 'right we are going to start here with this concept (6-6.5% IPA brewed with Nottingham yeast here) and see where we end up'

Teaching Creatures How to Fish came numero uno and Teaching Crimes How To Dimes is here now numero duo. Nottingham is a by no means sexy yeast** -often used in stouts as it is a bit of a work horse. It brings a ready drinkability and if used in the 'right' way we feel we could find a sweet spot where it doesn't attenuate too much, leaving nice sweet body giving sugars in the beer, whilst also not being too big and too flabby.

Here we have hit a sweeter spot than with Creatures Fish, Crimes Dimes is same grist but .2% less alcoholic so the sugar that could have turned into booze ay turned into nuffing. Bit more body and a bit more sweetness. The hops are quite special too, Azacca alongside cult 2015 class Amarillo (cryo here tho because we are posh at Dig Brew). Bitter sweet orange juice drink it and enjoy.


ORIGIN: Birmingham
SIZE: 440ml Can
ABV: 6.0%
HOPS: Azacca, Amarillo