Cantine Rallo - Baglio Antico Cataratto

Cantine Rallo - Baglio Antico Cataratto

Cantine Rallo
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Fine Wine from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

The main seat of the estate is a splendid structure from the nineteenth century in Marsala. This historical and prestigious building is situated in front of the seaside, on the western coastline of Sicily and facing the island of Egadi. Its design is in accordance with the architectural style of the traditional “baglio trapanese” which is
composed by two bodies of factory that are arranged around a large quadrangular courtyard.

Baglio Antico is a nod to the architectural heritage of rural Sicily. Historically farmers positioned by the sea had access to trade routes, they were also vulnerable to incoming attacks from the sea. In order to protect their produce from marauders, the traders sheltered in fortified buildings or baglios. At Cantine Rallo the aim is to innovate but still to uphold and respect local tradition and heritage.

Rich and full, crammed with pear skin & orange rind, fragrant wild herbs and ginger, but thoroughly approachable, downright easy drinking.
STYLE: Red Wine
ABV: 12.5%
ORIGIN: France