Broken Clock - Vodka

Broken Clock - Vodka

House Of Skull
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Artisan Vodka from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

Nothing is more important to Broken Clock vodka than balance. What you see in each bottle and taste in every sip is the product of three long years of trial, search and experimentation and over a hundred taste tests. Every time a new ingredient is added it changes that all-important balance. Minute hints of each flavour must be added or removed so that each can play its part in the symphony of flavours, neither too loud nor too quiet.

We strive to keep the tasting experience as authentic as possible, so we adhere to time-honoured English ingredients and recipes taken from Georgian-era books based on botanicals found in traditional English gardens.


STYLE: Premuim Vodka
ABV: 40%
ORIGIN: Wilmslow
PERFECT SERVE: Straight, with tonic or for the perfect cocktails