Monzio Compagnoni - Franciacorta Brut "Cuvee Alla Moda"

Monzio Compagnoni - Franciacorta Brut "Cuvee Alla Moda"

Monzio Compagnoni
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Fine Wine from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom 

Forget the Champagne...drain pour the Prosecco...this is special!

Straw yellow in colour, with slight green tints. Abundant yet extremely fine foam and perlage, with a delicate floral perfume. Also evident are notes of bread crust, peach and apple. The wine has a wonderful freshness and minerality. The fresh sensations and acidity is finely balanced by a soft hint of vanilla and apple on the palate.


The Chardonnay (80%) and Pinot Nero (20%) grapes are harvested by hand and placed in cases.

On arrival at the winery the entire grape clusters are soft pressed and the primary fermentation of the grape must takes place. To create the ‘Cuvée’, the different wines from selected vineyard parcels are then chosen and blended. To begin the secondary fermentation, Franciacorta is made just like Champagne. The wine is bottled and the ‘Liqueur de Tirage’ (a blend of fine sugar and ‘lees’) is added.

The bottle is sealed with a crown cap and then laid down for 24 months. During this period the bottles undergo ‘Remuage’ (rotating 360° and lifting 45°) once a day. After this period, the tops of the bottles are frozen and the plug is removed. This process is called ‘dégorgement’. Before the mushroom cork and wire cage seal the bottle (all under pressure) the ‘Dosage’ is added and in the case of the Monzio Compagnoni Franciacorta Brut this is 7 grams per litre. The official DOCG label is then added along with the final labelling and packaging


STYLE: Sparkling White
ABV: 12.5%