Dexter and Jones - "Rufus" - London Dry

Dexter and Jones - "Rufus" - London Dry

Dexter and Jones
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Artisan Gin from our Bottle Shop and Taproom:


Dexter and Jones are proud to announce our very own Gin range! Created with love.... and decades of Gin quaffing experience! Each is dedicated to one of our pooches. 

Inspired by our Australian Cattle Dog, Rufus, this Gin is robust and stoic with a softer underbelly!

Every gin should tell a story and this one maps our annual route to Sicily and the town of Taormina where we got engaged. Classic London dry botanicals combine with Sicilian lemon and figs, along with orange flower, lavender, sage and mulberry. A complex citric fusion with new adventures in every sip. Belissimo!!

STYLE: London Dry
ABV: 40.0%
ORIGIN: Knutsford
PERFECT SERVE: A proper Indian tonic, lots of ice and a wafer thin slice of Orange. 
BOTANICALS: Juniper, Angelica Root, Fig, Lemon, Lavendar, Sage and Mulberry