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Kona - Island Colada Cream Ale

Kona - Island Colada Cream Ale

  PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE: Cream Ale with Coconut & Pineapple ORIGIN: Hawaii SIZE: 355ml Can ABV: 6.0% HOPS: TBC
Lindemans Kriek

Lindemans Kriek Fruit Beer

In order to obtain a beer like no other, Lindemans have been adding whole sour cherries to lambics for generations.   Their meeting with American importer Charles Finkel in the 1970s...
Lindemans Framboise

Lindemans Framboise Fruit Beer

The appearance of this exceptional beer is matched only by its taste!  To make Framboise, Lindemans add 30% pure raspberry juice to their lambic. That gives it a delicate fruity...
Lindemans Cassis

Lindemans Cassis Fruit Beer

Is it a sparkling wine or a beer? That is the question amateurs of exceptional products ask when they discover Cassis for the first time.  Cassis Lindemans is a fruity...
Lindemans Apple

Lindemans Apple Fruit Beer

Making apple beer goes back to ancestral tradition. The Celts drank it in abundance during their harvest festivals.  Lindemans have extended the pleasure to the present day by adding the...

Draft: Tiny Rebel - Screwface (4.2%)

 Sicilian Lemon Super Soaker Sour. Brewed as part of Tiny Rebel's 8th Birthday Blending Pack PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE: Fruited Sour ORIGIN: Wales ABV: 4.2% HOPS: TBC FOOD PARING: TBC  ...
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Burnt Mill - Split Your Infinities

Burnt Mill - Split Your Infinities

Blueberry Fruited Sour. A simple malt bill of pale & wheat provided a wort that we soured overnight, boiled, then sent to the fermenter to condition on blueberry puree. Clean,...
To Øl 888 Series Fruit

To Øl 888 Series Fruit

Welcome to the world the 888 series! Featuring eight of our favourite key ingredients per beer style, and brewed to a perfect 8% A beer to cater for beer nerds...
Decadent Ales - Blueberry French Toast

Decadent Ales - Blueberry French Toast

Double India Pale Ale with blueberries, maple syrup, and cinnamon. PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE: Blueberry, Maple Syrup DIPA ORIGIN: Boston SIZE: 440ml Can ABV: 8.6% HOPS: TBC
Vault City - SIPA V1

Vault City - SIPA V1

We've brewed a handful of Sour IPAs and we think the style has great potential - we want you to join us in realising it. The first of our SIPA...
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