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Delirium Nocturnum

Delirium Nocturnum Brown Ale

Dark brown-red. A compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head. Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate. Spices such as liquorice and coriander are also present. Initially, a very good mouthfeel of...
Cloudwater Brown Ale

Cloudwater Brown Ale

This is the second iteration of this season's Brown ale recipe. We have increased the ratio of Heritage Crystal to Brown malt to improve the balance in this malt forward...
Northern Monk Patrons Project 2.02

Northern Monk Patrons Project 2.02 // PB&J // Peanut Butter and Jelly Brown Ale

After a heated debate over what flavour the jelly is actually meant to be (Grape?Really?) We settled on an infusion of raspberries and strawberries. We put together a complex malt...
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