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3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze

3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze

3 Fonteinen is a Belgian brewery based in Beersel that specialise in Geuze and Kriek beers. They are the only remaining traditional Geuze blender in Belgium, using 100% spontaneously fermented...
Beavertown Unity Makes Strength

Beavertown Unity Makes Strength

Collab with KCBC. A low abv Belgian-style pale with a complex malt grist. Dry hopped with a mix of classic US and European hops as well as Grungeist, a new...
Boon Oude Framboise

Boon Oude Framboise

Traditional Belgian Lambic - 100% Spontaneously fermented ale. Aged 2 years in oak vats. Minimum 200 grams of real raspberries per liter. Brewed in Lembeek, the village that gave Lambic...
De La Senne Zinnebir

De La Senne Zinnebir Blonde

Golden blond with 6% alc., malty, with a fine bitterness and a long aftertaste. The scent is complex, developing a fruity-hop intense fragrance. PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE: Blonde ORIGIN: Belgium SIZE:...
Delirium Nocturnum

Delirium Nocturnum Brown Ale

Dark brown-red. A compact white-yellow, stable and lacing head. Touches of caramel, mocha and chocolate. Spices such as liquorice and coriander are also present. Initially, a very good mouthfeel of...
Delirium Red

Delirium Red Cherry Beer

Delirium Red is an 8.5% ABV dark-red cherry beer made by the heroes that gave the world Delirium Tremens. Based on their blonde ale, it has a light pink, compact...
Mikkeller Ris a La M'ale

Mikkeller Ris a La M'ale

Ris a la M’ale is a light, tart cherry beer aimed at satisfying the sweet tooth. This dessert beer is modeled after a traditional Danish dessert called Risalamande. Each ingredient...
Northern Monk MMXVI: Yeast Tripel

Northern Monk MMXVII: Yeast DDH Saison

The theme for Trilogy MMXVII is to celebrate the three ingredients in their purest forms.  This years YEAST is a DDH Saison collaboration with 18th Street Brewery. PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE:...
Oedipus Thai Thai Tripel

Oedipus Thai Thai

Thai Thai is a Tripel unlike any other you’ve tried before. With the addition of galangal root, cilantro, coriander, chili pepper and orange peel it is like a complete Thai...
Rochefort 10 - Blue Cap

Rochefort 10 (Blue Cap)

Sometimes referred to as the "marvellous" Rochefort beer, it is the strongest of the line-up; dark and full bodied, pleasantly warming with bitter chocolate notes. PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE: Trappist ORIGIN:...
Rochefort 6 - Red Cap

Rochefort 6 (Red Cap)

A fine aroma and a delicate taste on the palate, "6" is the oldest Rochefort Trappist beer. It has a strong malt taste and is slightly bitter. PRODUCT DETAILS STYLE:...
Rochefort 8 - Green Cap

Rochefort 8 (Green Cap)

Created in 1955, Rochefort 8 is the most recent addition to Rochefort line-up and today is the version of the beers in largest production. Yellowish-brown in colour, with more fruits...
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