#Bio - Grillo

#Bio - Grillo

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Fine Wine from Our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

Grillo, a regional varietal, is sourced from organically-farmed vineyards in Sicily with clay and sand soils.

The grapes are harvested in the first ten days of September after careful checks to ensure an ideal balance between sugar ripeness and acidity.

Fermentation without the skins takes place in full compliance with organic production protocols, whereby soft pressing and careful temperature-controlled fermentation make it possible to enhance the primary aromas, particularly strong in this variety, enriching the palate at the same time.

A final period on the lees until March, when the wine is bottled, further brings its typical traits to the fore.

Golden yellow, light straw colour. Delicate melon. apple and herbaceous notes on the nose, joined by complex floral aromas with a hint of orange blossom. A full-bodied, harmonious wine with a distinct honeyed character is balanced by crispness in a layered finish that is juicy and mouthwatering.


STYLE: Grillo
ABV: 12.5%
ORIGIN: Sicily