Our voyage of discovery

Our story (for romantics)

It started back in 2014 when when two avid beer lovers messers Parker and Murray embarked on an adventure to discover the finest local beers in the area. This adventure took them to many great local breweries and fine drinking establishments, but it wasn't long before the thirst for something new lead these intrepid beer stalkers further afield.

At first it was day trips to surrounding towns, then they ventured into the metropolis of Manchester and Liverpool, before long London was calling and soon holidays abroad became a guise for discovering new craft beers. The number of new micro breweries 'hopping up' around the UK and beyond was staggering and these chaps wanted a piece of the action. Whilst home brewing had been an interest, their true skills lay firmly in the appreciation of beer and it wasn't long before they realised (over a beer obviously) that they weren't the only ones having to travel to find the beers they wanted to drink.

A plan was hatched, they would bring beer to the people and open a beer shop in Knutsford, stocking great tasting craft beers from the best local, national and international breweries. These small craft brewers were passionate about their beers, producing varied and complex flavours that can truly be appreciated and enjoyed.

The next task was to convince their partners of their plan (surely they could never get away with such a preposterous idea) but alas the girls were just as keen as the boys and Debbie Dexter and Karen Murray (nee Jones) joined the revolution and Dexter & Jones was born. The only proviso was that they added an equally great range of artisan gins to the offering (which the girls happened to know a thing or two about).

The Knutsford shop would be unique in the area and offer the widest range of the finest ales and artisan gins for miles around, the beers (around 400 to start with) would be available in bottles (or cans) plus a new fangled 'flagon fill' system would allow the good townsfolk of Knutsford to take away great draft (keg) beer in 'Growler' jars to enjoy at home, whatever next? The range of over 60 handcrafted artisan gins would be produced in small batches by independent distillers, each using their own specially selected botanical blends providing unique and distinctive flavours, a gin for every occasion.

Dexter & Jones, purveyors of fine ale and artisan gin would be a place where likeminded folk could meet, discuss, sample and purchase craft beer and gin from an ever changing range. Regular tasting events and meet the brewer/distiller nights would entertain and enlighten customers about the processes involved in crafting these modern masterpieces.

So, two years on and this fine establishment has opened its doors and the hosts invite you to join them on their ongoing quest to discover beautiful beers and gorgeous gins. You may be forgiven in thinking that their voyage of discovery has ended, but in truth it has only just begun...

Our story (for realists)

Mike and Neil enjoyed a good beer or two, they couldn't get what they wanted locally so decided to open a beer shop, to make life easier they asked their partners to get involved, which they agreed to as long as they could stock gin as well.

Get yourselves down and discover some great booze!


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