Castelo de Medina - Verdejo

Castelo de Medina - Verdejo

Castelo De Medina
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Fine Wine from our Bottle Shop and Taproom:

From the heart of the Rueda Denomination of Origin, in Villaverde de Medina,  a winery of real note thanks to the 180 hectares of 30 years old vineyard and the soul of thier wines, which express the nature of our surroundings and the character of its most special grape variety, Verdejo.

The banner of Bodegas Castelo de Medina. A white wine made with 100% Verdejo grapes, the main variety grown in the D.O. Rueda.

In the mouth it brings freshness, elegance, and balance.

See: Straw yellow with greenish tones. Brilliant and crystal clear.

Nose: cut grass, aniseed, fennel, hay, and apple.

Mouth: In the mouth it is wide, powerful, fresh, and very balanced. In retro nasal it is very persistent, with great body and a long aftertaste.

STYLE: White
ABV: 13%
SERVE: White Meat or Fish