Wessex Distillery - Alfred The Great

Wessex Distillery - Alfred The Great

Wessex Distillery
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Artisan Gin from our Bottle Shop and Taproom:


Famously known as the ‘Truth Teller’, the first King of England Alfred the Great is the inspiration behind our London dry gin. They wanted to create a well-balanced, smooth, traditional craft gin with a citrus punch.

Our no-fuss approach highlights the pure quality of our distillation method and allows the juniper flavour to be the focus. Based in the Wessex countryside, our family-run local distillery strives to create heavenly, premium gin.

STYLE: London Dry
ABV: 41.3%
ORIGIN: Wessex
PERFECT SERVE: A proper Indian tonic, lots of ice and a wafer thin slice of Lime 
BOTANICALS: Juniper, Angelica Root,Citrus